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holy hell

Watching the new Mythbusters with President Obama. The 'side myth' is a little wonky, but Kari Byron can make a red and white PLAID shirt look good!!
"What can Kari Byron do with Jello, chocolate & a marshmallow?"
I think we can all come up with some very naughty things for her to try...


I was sitting in the hair salon, when one of those fashion magazines caught my eye. On the right were two of the current batch of Disney pop 'stars', but on the left was someone I actually recognized: Casey Muligan from BLINK. Apparently, she's quite popular now. It's always good when actors who can actually act are acknowledged.
MM&M (played by Amber Tamblyn) is 'not a bombshell'? Please.
She's a redhead, they're automatically awesome.

Went to the Rally to Restore Sanity...

...and I missed Adam and Jamie! :(
It still kicked ass, though.
Just do your best to ignore Russell Brand with his shirt off and focus on a cute, perky, (allegedly) topless blonde apparently having an orgasm.
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Oooooh, MAMA!

I am in LOVE!
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Random thought.

More suited to a Twitter post, but I'm not that deranged.
34:30 into Red Sauce and Grace Van Pelt just walked past the camera, wearing a low-cut white top.

Random Emma Watson picspam to self.