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Amber Tamblyn has nice gams.
Why has this woman not received offers yet? I know of two shows that'd welcome another ginger!

My Karen Gillan collection.

Because that drop-dead-gorgeous Scottish sexbomb deserves it.
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I've been on a major Chun-Li kick recently. Making all sorts of Source-based sprays from artwork I found all over the place.
Ah well. Such is life.


4 days without an entry...shows how good I am at remembering things.
Either that, or housebound cripples have really boring lives!

Mai Shiranui...

Even with '06 graphics, she's still gorgeous.

New Year's Resolutions

1. Turn my Private Chat On in RuneScape. I'm a Player Mod, might as well help out.
2. Actually use this blog as it was intended (i.e. daily posts instead of whenever I remember to).
3. Try my best to get back into the Celtic Woman forums.
3a. Be more active in general...
??? Move over to blogspot.com.
4. Lose some weight.
5. Start doing my exercises daily.
6. Stop bothering Con so much. :P

I don't expect anyone to read this; it's just a general reminder for me.